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3,000+ km journey across Europe

We travelled by Bikes (1,400km), Boats, Trains and Busses in order to make it from Ireland to Slovakia in a month. It was an amazing adventure that changed the way we look at the world and the people inhabiting it. Although the trip was very challenging both physically and mentally, we have never felt more relaxed. It definitely isn’t our last trip so keep an eye out on our social media!

What actually happened to us?

Crazy people, terrifying storms, high jumps, wild camping and tons of cycling

Click on the images to see the full story. At least the legal part (the rest you’ve got to ask)

First time ever riding on fully loaded 50kg+ bicycles. We cycled from Enniston to Rosslare meeting amazing people surrounded by beautiful nature.

Normandy was absolutely breathtaking, both in its beauty and in its history. Having gone to most of the museums and cemeteries from D-day we realized how lucky we were to have the freedom of choosing to do this trip. We stopped in Paris for a week to see the end of Tour de France and to see the city. We then got a train to Germany which was a costly disaster.

Since we messed up our train ride we had to improvise. We only stayed in Germany for two nights. One night we slept near a nightclub only to pack up everything at 4am to cycle for 80km in order to catch a bus at 2:50am heading to Austria.

Austria offered us some jaw dropping views and experiences. We cycled through the entire country. This part of the trip was probably most rewarding. We met some amazing people, camped through a massive storm terrified in a forest with branches falling off, jumped off an 8m platform into a crystal clear lake.

We only spent a day cycling here as the weather was absolutely horrible and the drivers were even worst. Cycling through the capital almost killed us since the Slovak government doesn’t give a SH!T about cyclists and refuses to build dedicated paths. We took the train to get us closer to our destination and to avoid days of heavy rain and to surprise our families by coming ahead of schedule.

Pavol & Martin

Hello there! We are two best friends that decided that homes have just become too small for us. So we decided to cycle across Europe without prior training. This gave us an inside look at what it looks like to have your legs swollen and your ass bleeding from cycling. Pavol is currently working as a freelance videographer in Limerick, Ireland and Marin is finishing is bachelors degree in Trnava, Slovakia.

Pavol and Martin